Our Story

The Anthony Lawrence Collection
The epitome of every lifestyle.

The year was 1986. Run DMC and Aerosmith hit MTV airwaves with their musical- crossover-turned classic hit video – “Walk This Way.” The world wasn’t ready.

That was music…more than 20 years ago.
This is fashion… more than 20 years later.

Introducing the Anthony Lawrence Collection, a fresh and unique approach to clothing.

The Anthony Lawrence Collection (ALC) hits the fashion world with the same fervor as Walk This Way more than 20 years ago. A line of men’s, women’s, and children’s graphic tees and distressed, Euro-fit and casual shirts, ALC offers a perfect blend urban fashion and corporate sensibility. Through its highly graphic designs, ALC represents many different cultures and backgrounds. The designs recognize the importance of rock and rap music; conservative and liberal politics; and even, sweet and sour candy play in the ALC world. The ALC brand represents more than fashion. It honors the basic human values that connect us all – honesty, truth, respect and the belief that we are all royalty. Our clothes should reflect that position.

Are you ready?